WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

WARNING: Blog Under Preparation

Important Note: The material on this blog is under preparation. Some of the information contained in it may be incomplete or (inadvertantly) incorrect. All readers may please keep that in mind.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Who Are We?

We are the world’s oldest and the largest network of research agencies specializing in global opinion and survey research. We were founded by Dr. George Gallup in 1947 and have worked consistently for more than 60 years. We were international from the start and are thus best suited to meet the needs for global research needs of the 21st century.

When required we are equipped to deliver truly global studies in a turn-around time of less than 4-6 weeks and at an affordable price.

Beginning in 1974 when Gallup International Institutes across the world helped produce “Global Human Needs” with the support of Kettering Foundation, we are engaged in an “Annual Tracking of Perception of Hope and Despair across the World”. As the 21st century dawned we conducted our “Millenium Survey” across the globe. We were also the founder research agency of “World Values Survey” now carried forward in an excellent manner by Professor Ingelhart of University of Michigan Ann Arbor. See Details

Our Presidents and Global Board members have been major leaders in industry and the academia beginning with Dr. George Gallup and succeeded by notables like Jan Stapel form Netherlands, Leila Lotti from Finland and most recently Tony Cowling from the UK and Jean-Marc L├ęger from Canada. See Details

Our recent publications include well researched books such as “Voice of the People” published in 2007 and 2009.

Gallup International Association together with its WIN partners is the worlds top most network specializing in international research on Consumer, Social and Political issues. We partner with the World Bank, United Nations, World Economic Forum, Transparency International, World Health Organization, BBC and other global institutions.See Details